Waterfront Venues

The Brown-Forman Amphitheater

The Brown-Forman Ampitheater in Waterfront Park.

Thanks to an advanced sound system, classical music plays in the ampitheater throughout the day.

This is a peaceful green space located in Phase II of Watefront Park, near Tumbleweed and the Adventure Playground. The Brown-Forman Amphitheater offers dramatic views of the downtown skyline and Big 4 Bridge.

Venue features:

  • - Adjacent to Phase II floating docks.
  • - Can accomodate several thousand people on grass risers and the surrounding hillside.
  • - Features concrete stage area with 400 amp electrical service.
  • - 200 amp electrical service for concessions.
  • - Can be easily gated for paid admission events.
  • - Connected to a 20 foor wide espalanade that allows easy vehicular access for setup and creates an ideal merchandise vendor area with an electrical outlet at every other light pole.
  • - Turquoise parking lot can be used in combination with the space.
  • - Potable Water in the restroom building of the Turquoise Parking Lot.

additional photos: Amphitheater Looking up | Amphitheater Side View | Top View | Side View 2